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Information Skills

Effectively find, use and evaluate information.

First Year Library Training in Information Literacy

First years are introduced to the Library with an induction at the start of the year, which covers:

  • Borrowing rights
  • Opening times
  • Library regulations
  • Different collections and how to find them
  • Catalogue and other electronic resources available
  • Inter-Library Loans
  • Information skills training

Class Training in Information Literacy

The class sessions are booked with the library by a lecturer. Training sessions usually take about 45 minutes and can include:

  • How to search the Catalogue
  • Sources available in the subject area in both hard copy and electronic format
  • How to build a search strategy and conduct the search
  • How to access the information on the databases. Print/email
  • Inter-Library Loans

Introduction to Citations and Referencing

Introduction to Citations and Referencing class sessions are booked with the library by a lecturer. Classes usually take about 45 minutes.


Library staff also conduct one-to-one and small group inductions that can be booked by students.

For more information, please contact the library at ext. 1700 or library@staff.ittralee.ie or call to the library.

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