Policies & Documentation

IT Tralee Library commitments to all its users.

The Customer Service Charter – Particularly in relation to service provision- is informed by two documents:

” To provide a high quality library service to all students and staff, that is responsive to user needs and allows them to maximize the use of library resources to support their study and research, providing optimum access to resources through user education and, where possible, off-site access to material.” (IT Tralee Library Strategic Plan, 2004-2007)

The Libraries of the Institute of Technology operating at National and Strategic level will foster the development of flexible, accessible learning environments, drawing on International best practice and collective knowledge.


  • Belief that it is essential that Libraries deliver quality service and that these services are measured using a common quality framework.
  • Awareness of the value of the knowledge store in our Institutes and within ourselves and of the potential benefits which result from harnessing that knowledge.
  • Co-operation for our mutual benefit.
  • Delivery of a flexible Library service accessible to our learning communities.
  • Focus on personally Meeting the needs of our customers.
  • Setting of high standards of professionalism in all our business dealings.
  • Support and respect for our colleagues as individuals and as teams.
  • Encouragement of innovation and open communication.

This Strategic Plan represents a vision for the future of libraries within the IoT sector. Six areas Identified as high level objectives:

  • Service
  • Communication
  • Quality
  • Access
  • Knowledge
  • Co-operation
The External Readers program allows non-members of the Institute to apply to access the library’s facilities and borrow books. Membership if approved, is for one year for research or educational purposes.

Please note that due to licensing/copyright restrictions external readers do not have access to our subscription databases and online resources.

Anyone who wants to become a user of the library is invited to view the Guide to Guest Applicationand to fill out a Guest External Application form.

There are a variety of levels of access and a charge may be involved.

Secondary School Students studying for the Leaving Certificate may use the Library for studying. The Leaving Certificate Application form must be completed and handed into the North Campus Library desk. This application form must be signed by a parent or guardian. On approval, the Library will contact you to arrange for you to collect a Library reader card. This must be carried at all times and presented to staff of IT Tralee on request.

Please Note Access is restricted during Library opening times to:

  • ITT term time after 5pm only
  • Outside of ITT term times 9am – 5pm
  • Saturday Access 10am – 2pm

Strictly no access Monday – Friday during ITT Exam Times in December/January and April/May (exact dates tbc. Please check noticeboards for dates.)

Please note that access is subject to there being sufficient study spaces available. Priority will be given to IT Tralee students. Access is at the discretion of the Librarian .

  • Introduction

The aim of the library is to provide material to support the teaching, research and learning needs of the users. The Library endeavours to purchase material to support this aim.

  • Collections

The Library collections may include:

  1. Annual Repors  
  2. Archives 
  3. Audiovisual Media 
  4. Contemporary Fiction
  5. Short Loan
  6. Electronic Resources 
  7. General Reference
  8. Main Loan
  9. Maps
  10. Newspapers 
  11. Official Publications 
  12. Special Collections
  13. Subject Reference 
  14. Theses and Projects 
  • Format of Material

The Library acquires materials in a range of formats, most commonly:

  1. Paper
  2. Electronic 
  3. Audiovisual

Generally only one format will be purchased unless there is a good reason to do so.

  • Academic Support 

One of the essential components of the collection is the material that appears on reading lists. This includes both essential and recommended readings. If Lecturing staff need to borrow material on the reading lists for extended periods during the academic year and it is the only copy, it is recommended that they purchase their own copy. The library copy(s) should be available to all users and kept in general circulation and may be subject to recall if in demand. Material required for students for a course should be ordered ideally twelve weeks prior to the commencement of the course. However, the Library cannot guarantee availability of items at the start of the semester for request handed in after twelve weeks. Delivery can normally be expected within 4-6 weeks, if material is available to purchase.

  • Essential readings:

2 copies of essential readings will be purchased. One copy of essential readings should be placed on the Short Loan collection if there is high demand. If there are a large number of students taking a module, then please contact the Deputy Librarian before making your request as it may be possible to purchase extra copies above the limit depending on remaining funds.

  • Recommended readings:

1 copy of recommended reading will be purchased.

  • Research and support material:

Material other than that on reading lists e.g. to support teaching, learning and research may be purchased. One copy of such material will be purchased and is subject to the funds being available.

Orders are only accepted via the online order form.  To access the form, login into My Library and select My Purchase Suggestions from the left-side menu of your library record. All requests are depended on sufficient funds being available and approval of the relevant HoS/HoD. The Library will contact the requestor if there is any problems with the request.

Replacement of materials that have been lost or damaged will be considered subject to normal selection criteria and the availability of the publication.