Laptop Lending

The Library Information Resource Centre has a small number of laptops available for borrowing.

We have a small number of Laptops available for borrowing in the Library Information Resource Centre.  Laptops can be borrowed for up to 2 hours at a time and are limited to use in the library.

IT Tralee students and staff with a valid T Card can borrow laptops from the library.  As we only have a small number of laptops in the library, they are not available for borrowing by External borrowers at this time.

Laptops can be borrowed at the Information Desk. You will need your T Card to borrow a laptop.  Please return laptops to the Information Desk when you are finished with them.

Laptops are free to borrow. However, students will be charged for late returned or damaged laptops. Overdue fines for laptops are charged at 50c an hour.

You will get a laptop in a case, together with a power cord and a mouse.  There are lap-top power-points on all three floors of the library.

It is not possible to reserve or book laptops – they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  You can, however,  check if there is a laptop available for borrowing.  To check availability:

Search the Library Catalogue for “laptop”.
Click on “Laptop” (highlighted).
Check the status of each laptop to see if it is available.

It may be possible to renew a laptop loan depending on whether other library patrons are waiting for one to become available.  Please check with staff at the Information Desk.

The username and password are on the front of the laptops. If the username and password are missing or if you are having difficulties logging in, please ask staff at the Information Desk for help.

There are a number of lap-top power-points on all 3 floors of the library.

It is important to save your work regularly as you go.  If you do not save your work often and there is a power outage, the laptop shuts down unexpectedly or has to be restarted you will lose your work.  There are a number of ways you can save your work:

  • Use a USB key
  • Email a copy to yourself. If you use this option and want to edit the document later, you will need to save the file to a USB or computer first, otherwise, the changes will not be saved
  • Save it to your personal Mydocs file space
  • Use an outside service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. IT Tralee has no control over the security of your documents or protection of your privacy when you use an outside service.

Please do not save your work to the desktop or the C drive of library laptops. If there is a problem with the laptop and it has to be restarted you may lose your work.

Yes, you can send print jobs to the student printers using the wireless network. Log into using your  T Card number and the computer password you get on registration, upload your documents and print them.  Click here for more information about printing.
Yes, there are 3 main wi-fi networks available on campus, one for staff, one for students and Eduroam, which can also be used by staff and students from other Irish higher education institutes and organisations. Students and staff will be asked to login into the relevant wi-fi using their T-Numbers and Passwords.

For more information on Eduroam, please visit IT Tralee’s Eduroam site.

You are responsible for the laptop (and accessories) while it is checked out to you.

  • Please do not leave it unattended or loan it to anyone else.
  • You must not take the laptop out of the library, even during an emergency evacuation.
  • You may not remove or install any software on the laptop or change the system settings.
  • You should make sure the laptop is properly shut down before you return it to staff at the Information Desk.
If you are having problems or need advice using a library laptop,  please let staff at the Information Desk know, they will be happy to help you.