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Yes, but term-time loan periods apply.

High-demand books and Audio-Visual items are kept behind the Library Counter in the North and South Campus libraries. These items are available for use in the Library only and may be borrowed by most users for 2 hours at a time.

Replacement T-cards are available from Student Services.

Term Time

North Campus Library: Monday to Thursday- 9am to 9pm,  Friday- 9am to 5pm, Saturday- 10am to 2pm.

South Campus Reading Room: Monday to Thursday- 8am to 9.30pm, Friday – 8am to 5.30pm

Holiday Time 

North Campus Library: Monday to Friday – 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm

South Campus Reading Room: Monday to Friday – 8.30am to 5.30pm.

Click on the My Library button above and enter your T-number and Password.

Your password is the one you use to logon to the computer and email.

Please return overdue items to the Library as soon as possible. Items can be returned when the library is closed by putting them in the book-drop bin outside both libraries. Books are overdue the date after they are due for return. Please note that overdue books will not be renewed if fines exceed 5 euro.

Please contact the library staff at 066-7191700, ext 1700 from a red phone or email library@staff.ittralee.ie.

Extension numbers and e-mail addresses for all library staff are available from the Library Information link at the top of the page.

Please tell the Library staff about any problems you have as soon as possible. You may be asked to pay replacement costs if the book is not found.

Online Resources are subscribed to collections of full-text articles, abstracts, indexing, company and law reports, books, standards and other material that can be accessed online. Some of the resources are subject specific; others are multidisciplinary. For more information, and to access these collections, please visit the Online Resources page. Access to the Online Resources is restricted to members of the college.

Undergraduates may borrow 10 items from Main for 1 week. Part-Time and Distance Learning Students may borrow 10 items for 2 weeks. Staff may borrow 10 items for 4 weeks. Postgraduates may borrow 10 items  for 2 weeks.  External Users may borrow 2 items from Main for 1 week.

Books, journal articles or dissertations that are not available in the IT Tralee library may be requested from another library using the ILL facility. All users can submit an ILL request online from the ILL page or fill out a paper ILL form that is available at the library desk. For more information, including charges, please visit the Inter Library Loans section of the Library Information page.

Current national daily and local weekly newspapers are available in both libraries. In the North Campus, they are available on the ground floor. In the South Campus, they are on display beside the front door. Daily newspapers are kept for 3 months; weekly newspapers are kept for a year.

The Library catalogue is a web site that can be used to search for any items kept in the library.

Main collection books are automatically renewed six times unless a hold has been placed on an item. You may keep the book until the due date and then return it. Books will not be renewed if there are any outstanding fines on your account in excess of 5 euros, if the book is more than three days overdue or if another user has placed a hold on the book.

A hold is where you request a checked out book via your account or at the Library desk. When the book it returned, it is held for three days for you at the library desk and an email is sent to you to inform you that the book is now available. This prevents an issued book from being checked out to any future user other than the user who placed the hold.

Search the library catalogue. When you find a title you want to place a hold on, click on the request button. You will be asked for your T-number and password, which campus library you want to pick up the book from and a date after which your hold will be cancelled. Input these details. This can also be done at the library desk. When the item is available for pickup, you will be contacted by e-mail to your college e-mail account. You cannot put a hold on a short loan book, a reference book or any journals.

There is an alphabetical list of our databases with descriptions of what they cover on the Online Resources page.

You can access the majority of online resources from off-campus, although not all.  You will be required to enter your T Number and password. If you encounter any problems with your Password, please contact the library desk.

An Abstract is a brief summary of a journal article, book, etc. A Citation is the bibliographical details of a journal article or book, etc. It will include the author, title, date and so on. A pdf document or ‘portable document format’ is a convenient and popular method for distributing information electronically.

PDF files require Adobe Acrobat reader. Make sure a current version of Adobe reader is on your PC.

Please make sure when printing exam papers that you click on the icon of the printer rather than clicking File and Print. If you still cannot print off exam papers, please contact the library desk.