Computers & WiFi

The Library Information Resource Centre provides access to computers and WiFi for research and study purposes.

There are over 80 PCs available for both research and project use in the Library Information Resource Centre. Just under half of these PCs are located in The Cube, a resource room  which functions as an open access area outside the normal Library Information Resource Centre opening hours.

The Library Training Room on the Ground Floor has 20 PCs. This room is used for training and Information Literacy classes throughout the year. It is opened to students as a study space for the 2-3 weeks leading up to exams in Semesters I and II.

There is wi-fi access and lap-top power-points throughout the Library Information Resource Centre,  on all three floors.

All current IT Tralee students and staff can use library computers for research and study. In certain circumstances access may be extended to guest users.

Log on with you student ID number and your computer services password.  These will have been given to you at registration.

Log on using your lt number for username and password.  If you do not have an LT number you can request one from the computer services help desk.

Yes, the Library Information Resource Centre provides access to black & white and colour printing.

You can print from any of the computers on study tables, both in the Library Information Resource Centre and the Cube.  You can also print from the express print station opposite the Information Desk.  The express print station is reserved for quick print jobs, please use the sit-down computers if you need to edit or make changes to your document before printing it.

There are a number of quick reference computers in the Library Information Resource Centre. These are standing only and are for searching the library catalogue. Quick reference computers are not connected to printers.

Click here for more information on printing.

Yes, there are a number of computers available for booking in the Library Information Resource Centre:

  • There are 8 bookable PCs on the ground floor of the library, including multi-media PCs.
  • The AV/Multimedia room includes three PCs (Computing Build) and an Apple Mac, all of which are bookable.
  • There are also four multi-media PCs in the Cube that can booked.
  • In the Cube there are 6 PCs/Tables for Group Study and these can be booked also.
  • The Group Study Room on the first floor has six bookable PCs/Tables for Group Study.

Computers can be booked at the library desk, by phone at 066-7191700 or by clicking here to submit a request.

Bring your T Card to the Information Desk. The computer will be checked out to you and you will be given a card with the number of the computer.  When you are finished using the computer return the card to the staff at the Information Desk and they will check the computer back in.

If you are late returning the card to the Information Desk you will be fined.  Fines are charged at 50c an hour.

If a PC is left unattended and is locked for more than 30 minutes then please bring this to the attention of library staff.  Please see here to view the library’s policy on reserving study spaces.

If you “unsafely” remove your USB key from a computer you may lose files or they may become corrupted. To safely remove your USB:

  • right click on the USB icon USB icon at the bottom right of the screen
  • click on “eject Mass Storage”
  • a message that it is safe to remove your USB key will pop up
  • remove the USB key from the computer

Note: if you can’t see the USB icon at the bottom of the screen, click on the arrow to show more icons, including the USB key.

Initial bookings are for 2 hours. You may renew your booking if the computer has not been requested by another user.

Your booking will be held for 15 minutes. If you do not come to the library desk within 15 minutes of your booking time, you may lose your booking and the computer may be made available to another user.

Yes, the Library Information Resource Centre has a small number of headphones that you can borrow for use with library computers.

Please check availability with staff at the Information Desk.

Please be considerate of other users when using headphones.

if you are locked out of your computer account please contact the Computer Help Desk.

To log off a computer, click the Start button at the bottom left of the screen, click the arrow to the right of the shut down button and select Log off.