Disability Support

The Library Information Resource Centre is committed to making our services and facilities accessible to all our users.

IT Tralee Library Information Resource Centre is committed to providing equal and equitable access to high-quality services and facilities for all users.  The library offers a range of services and assistive technologies for users with disabilities or learning differences.

Library tours and orientation are offered to all new students at the beginning of the year. If you have any  needs that we should be aware of please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Alternatively, if you would prefer a personal orientation, your Academic Liaison Librarian will be happy to meet with you for an individual introduction to the library and a confidential discussion about how the library can best support you.

If you would like assistance with searching the library catalogue, library staff will be happy to help you. Please ask  at the Information Desk or click here to message us.

If you require assistance with getting books or other materials from the library’s shelves, we will be happy to do this for you.  Please ask staff at the Information Desk.  Alternatively, we offer a Retrieve from Shelf Service (see below for details).

If you are registered with the Access Office we can check availability and retrieve items from the shelves for you, or your support worker, to collect later.

We do ask that, wherever possible, you give us 24 hours notice so that all items are retrieved in a timely manner.

Click here to make a request.

If the library’s print resources are not accessible, we may be able to acquire alternative formats on your behalf.

Access is available via the NCBI Library to over 600,000 digital titles from national and international publishers. Through the free, accessible NCBI Dolphin EasyReader app, you can browse and download books from NCBI Overdrive, Bookshare and Project Gutenberg.

NCBI Library also has a large collection of Braille and Large Print books.

Requests should be made through the Access Office or the Office for Students with Learning Difference.

There is an audio induction loop (AFILS) at the Information Desk.  You will need to turn your hearing aid to the T position to use it.

Our Assistive Technology (AT) room has three student networked PCs on electrically, height-adjustable tables/desks. There is also a table-top magnifier on a fourth, manually height-adjustable table. The AT room can be booked at the Information Desk.

For more information, including a list of specialist equipment and software available see our Assistive Technology support page.

The Library buildings are wireless-enabled, and you are welcome to bring in your own laptop with your software.  There are laptop charging points on all floors of the North Campus library and in the South Campus Reading room.

There is an adjustable height study table on the ground floor of the Library Information Resource Centre.

There are also three adjustable height tables with PCs in the Assistive Technology Room which is also located on the ground floor.

If you are registered with the Access Office or the Office for Students with Learning Difference and have an Educational Support Worker, then you can arrange for them to borrow material from the library on your behalf.

There is a lift located within the Library Information Resource Centre. The lift gives access to the first and second floors of the Library.

The following equipment is available to borrow on request from staff at the Information Desk.

Evoluent Mouse III

Designed to prevent twisting of your forearm, the Evoluent Mouse III supports your hand in a relaxed handshake position. Available in right-handed and left-handed versions.

Roller II Trackball

The Roller II Trackball is easy to operate with your finger-tips. It features three buttons, which are guarded with a removable finger guard which helps locate the correct switch, support the hand and avoid pressing wrong keys. A useful latching “drag-switch” is also fitted.

Traxsys Roller Joystick Plus

The Traxsys Roller Plus joystick is one of the most adaptable mouse substitutes on the market. It has six buttons that support left land right click, double click, drag lock, horizontal and vertical lock and cursor speed control. A flashing light indicates the drag button has been activated.

Items are limited to use in the Library Information Resource Centre.

We recommend that all users familiarise themselves with the locations of the various fire exits in the library.

In the event of a fire or other emergency requiring evacuation:

  • The fire alarm will sound throughout the library
  • Library staff will sweep all floors and rooms in the library buildings
  • Do not try to use the lift
  • Leave from nearest fire exit
  • If you cannot use the stairs you should make your way to the nearest Safe Refuge Area.  There are telephones in these areas so that you can alert security that you are waiting there.

If you have any concerns about what to do in an emergency we recommend that you contact the ITT Access Officer who can make a referral on your behalf to the Health & Safety Office to discuss preparing a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP).

For more information please see IT Tralee’s Emergency Evacuation Guidance for Persons with Disablities.

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