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Short Loan Items

Copies of frequently used items, lecture material and laptops are given out on a short term loan.

Short Loan Collection

Copies of frequently used items are kept in the Short Loan Collection. These items are located at the Information Desk. Lecturer owned items are also kept at the Information Desk in the Course Reserves Collection. Items in both these collections are for use in the library only.

Use Library Catalogue to search by title, author, subject or keyword.

Library Catalogue

Search the Library Catalogue for a book.

There are a variety of short loan items held behind the Information Desk. These are generally for 2 hour loan and cannot be taken from the library. Overdue fines at 50c per hour are charged to students on all short loan items.

These are generally for 2 hour or one day loan as advised by the lecturer. The lecturer will also indicate if they can leave the library.

Postgraduate Theses are for 2 hour loan only and are not to be removed from the library under any circumstances. The patron must sign the ITT procedures – Postgraduate theses (research usage) form before they remove the item from the Information Desk.

The Law Reports Collection is located at the Information Desk. These items are for 2 hour loan and are library use only.

There are a small number of laptops for loan and are located at the information Desk. These are for 2 hours loan and are not to be removed from the library. Overdue fines are charged to students at 50c per hour. Follow the link for more information.

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