On Wednesday, September 25th, the Library in the North Campus will host part of the Careers Fair which takes place throughout the Business and IT Building from 11.00am-2pm.

There will be no library desk service from 10.30am – 2.15pm on the day which means that on the Ground Floor there will be no access to Short Loan items, Copier/Printers, PCs or any other bookable resource.

While the AT & AV rooms will be accessible, bookings will not apply before 3.00pm. From 9.00am there will however be access to study spaces and copier/printers on the First and Second Floors.

There will be some setting up on Tuesday afternoon, from 1pm, and some of the ground floor areas will be inaccessible.

Please Note
The Cube will be open during this time; PC and wi-fi access, as well as Group Study tables will be available. However, again no bookings will apply.

Please note that the Library first and second floors will not operate as a Silent Zone
during this time as there will be a good deal of noise and disruption from the Fair
and during set up and this may include some background music on the day.

During these times books can be returned to the Book Bins and the Self Issue kiosks will operate.

The North Campus Library will open as normal after the Careers Fair from 2.30pm – 9.00pm
and will return to being a Silent Zone on the first and second floors.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused