The Institute has put in place a daily book request / delivery service for South Campus students and staff. When you want to place a book on Hold for delivery to the South Campus you should:

Log in to your My Library account.

Search the library catalogue for the book(s) you want and place it on hold. Up to 5 books can be requested (put on Hold) at one time.

When requesting holds please always ensure in advance that your account is not suspended due to fines or that your Holds requested would not exceed the borrowing limits on your account (see below).

Holds placed before 3pm will be available after 4.30pm the same day.

Holds placed after 3pm will be delivered the next day.

You will receive an email confirmation when the book has been collected from the shelf in the North Campus Library and sent to the South Campus.

The Book delivery service will operate Monday – Friday during term time.

Books can be collected from the Security Reception Desk in the South Campus.

You will need to bring your TCard to the Desk to collect the books.

Books are subject to normal lending rules, with fines for overdue items.

Books not collected within 4 days will be returned and the Hold cancelled.

Books can be returned to the Book Drop bin outside the Library Reading Room. Books can also be returned directly to the North Campus Library.

Please note:

Please remember that although a book appears as Available on our catalogue, for a variety of reasons it may not be possible to find the book. Please check your email as we will contact you if there is a problem supplying the book.

If you have exceeded the maximum overdue fine amount you will not have your Hold request processed. The Hold will be cancelled.

If you have the Maximum number of items already on loan you will not have your Hold request processed. The Hold will be cancelled.

If you request a number of items on Hold and fulfilling them would exceed the maximum number of items you can borrow. In this case we will fulfil the Hold requests in the order received until the maximum number of books allowed have been issued to you and the remaining Holds will be cancelled.